What is yoga to you?

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Did you know the original yoga asana (posture) meant ‘seat’? Hundreds of years ago, yoga was literally just taking a seat for long periods of meditation. There’s no denying that yoga has ancient roots and is grounded in Eastern philosophy. However, yoga can be thought of as just a physical practice in the modern world. 

Yoga translates ‘to yoke’, which means to unite. The desired union refers to the body and the mind. The physical practice is more commonly known, but the real purpose behind yoga is to use the breath to bring a more heightened consciousness among the body and mind. This alignment allows for coordinated movement in a vinyasa class, moving with ease from one posture to another. 

To me, yoga means coming back to one’s self. It’s about rolling out your mat and meeting yourself where you are. Each day your practice will look and feel differently in your body. And that is okay! You will get to know yourself better, which might sound silly, but we often don’t allow time to just focus inward since we all live busy lives!

Taking time for yourself is the best form of self-care, however you choose to to spend said time. So for me, practicing yoga is a divine use of my time as it makes me stop and press the reset button during a busy day, week, month… There are many other reasons why one might navigate to their mat and all are good ones 🙂